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Nomadness | Making Camping Simple...

Any amazing project cannot happen without fabulous partners and Nomadness are seeking partners to be involved.

Our development is staged and will progress as we can secure partners to assist in the delivery of each stage. The end product is very exciting and we would like to share our vision with those who would like to seriously partner with us.

The first stage is Engagement – we are seeking contributors to assist us with the development of our content. This could be, but not limited to:

  • Photography
  • Article Writers
  • Social Media Ambassadors

We would like to build an engaged community who uses Nomadness as a primary resource to assist with planning their camping trip. Where our contributors can share their experiences and others can learn from these. If you are interested in being a contributor in our first stage of development then please complete this form

The second stage is Integration – we are seeking businesses, organisations or individuals who have a website or app that is a resource for campers. You could provide information on specific locations, cooking, rig set-ups, locators for toilets, playgrounds, campsites, petrol stations – anything we would like to hear from you – please complete this form.

Our final stages are just as interesting and exciting with plenty of opportunities for camping enthusiasts to become involved – can’t wait to tell you more!