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Nomadness | Making Camping Simple...

Nomad-ness celebrate’s all things nomad. Grey Nomads. Digital Nomads. Family Nomads. International Nomads.

Our vision is to Make Camping Simple.

That is to create camping experiences with No-madness!

Founding partners are Craig and Rachel Allan. They are travellers and campers at heart. Their mission is to experience Australia in their Camper Trailer with their 4.5yo daughter. They aim to be true ‘digital nomads’.

Nomadness will bring together a range of resources that are already in existence and make it easy for you to access and personalise for your next camping trip – whether it be for 1 week or 1 year!

Through our social media we want to engage and connect with you – campers and travellers – enable you to share your experiences and connect with others.

Today you can join us on Social Media and Subscribe to our Newsletter. Tomorrow you will be able to access a directory of camping resources. Next week there is more and in a year – amazing things will happen!

Would you like to see how you can contribute or even partner with Nomadness? It would be great to hear from you.

Nomadness will change the way short-term and long-term campers plan their journeys. Personalisation is the unique difference and the ability to bring existing resources all together in one place. Learn more about what the service will achieve here.